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Become a FRIEND of STEM and join our growing community of connoisseurs!
Watch myriad art forms, engage in artistic discourses, indulge  your creativity and immerse yourself in the beauty of the ephemeral.

Kampni strongly believes that dance is a potent medium for transformation in society.
Your support  and engagement will go a long way in realizing this vision.

Your patronage will strengthen our ‘Artreach’ Initiatives and you will receive special creative privileges for one year –

1. “Friends” will be mentioned in our Newsletter and website
2. Privileged access to Kampni Kutcheri and Konversation series
3. Special invites to the international annual event- Maya Rao Kathak & Choreography Conference
4. Chat over Chai with Madhu Nataraj and the principal dancers of the Kampni and watch Kampni rehearsals and previews, once a year

Suggested patronage amount – Rs 30,000 or above annually.