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STEM Dance Kampni is one of India’s best-recognized dance companies, known for its high standard, cutting edge and dynamic performances.

The Kampni has toured over 36 countries with its diverse repertoire of both Contemporary and traditional choreographies.

Award winning Choreographer and Arts Entrepreneur, Madhu Nataraj birthed the Kampni in 1995 to create a versatile dance vocabulary, which explores the limitless possibilities of the human form.

The Kampni has toured over 36 countries with its diverse repertoire of both Contemporary and traditional choreographies.

Needless to say, the highly trained, passionate and internationally travelled dancers at the Kampni –

Live and breathe Dance

The Kampni is an empaneled entity of the ICCR (Indian council for cultural relations), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India

Guru Dr Maya Rao

Guru Dr Maya Rao

Founder Director/Mentor

Guru Dr Maya Rao is a pioneer in the world of Kathak & choreography. Apart from the president of India award, she is a recipient of several state & national awards.

She headed important cultural institutions, been on international juries, choreographed and created festivals at world heritage sites. She runs India’s only degree college of choreography & has trained over 1000 students in Kathak. (details at

Madhu Nataraj

Madhu Nataraj

Founder & Choreographer

A graduate of Commerce, Journalism and Choreography, Madhu trained in Kathak under the tutelage of her mother, the legendary Guru - Dr Maya Rao and with Guru Chitra Venugopal and later studied Contemporary dance in New York.

Often called an intersectionist, Madhu believes in the cross illumination between various fields, fueling her vision for the Kampni to inhabit the public domain through the potent medium of Dance.

‘India Today’ chose Madhu as one among India’s 50 Young Achievers. She also received the ‘Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’ from the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, Government of India, FICCI Women’s achievers award to mention a few of her accolades. She is an Ananta Aspen Global Leadership Fellow.

With over 200 choreographies to her credit, Madhu is a panelist at important design, cultural, philanthropic, corporate and academic organizations and has performed in and traveled to over 50 countries.

Madhu also heads India’s premier dance education centre- The Natya Institute of Kathak & Choreography- founded by Dr Maya Rao and Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay (Under the aegis of UNESCO)

Ramya Nagaraj

Ramya Nagaraj

Assistant Director
Keerthi Kumar

Keerthi Kumar

Head, Projects

We are loved

Movement signifies Life. Sports and Dance salute the undying spirit of human endeavour and there is no better example of this spirit than Madhu. Her beauty grace and fluidity of her movement has enthralled audience the world over . I am extremely proud and privileged to know you.

Ashwini NachappaFormer international athelete

Madhu Nataraj and her Stem Dance Kampni present a dynamic combination of traditional Indian dance and contemporary styles woven together with beauty, grace and spiritual depth. It is a world class dance company with a universal vision and deep inspiration that can motivate audiences everywhere with a deeper flow of Shakti

Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley) and Yogini ShambhaviWorld renowned authors

I have watched with growing admiration, the steady development of the Natya Stem Dance Kampni from one pinnacle of creative achievement to the next – each milestone unique in its representation. The evolution of its members, as innovative artists in their own right, is a joy to observe.

Tara KiniAcademic consultant, Musicologist

You and your troupe are magnificent. such a fabulous show. So elegant, tasteful and understated.

Sandhya MendoncaWriter & Editor

What an outstanding performance! Absolutely awed with the conversion of the concept of Vajra into this superbly choreographed dance, with most unusual music so well matched to express the mood. The athleticism demanded from each of the performers was of a very high order, which was done so gracefully – we were totally enthralled last evening.

Ashit SarkarAudience